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what's the soul brother thing? i haven't seen it


Soul Brother is a song written by Freddie to Brian. Brian talked about this song in 2003, saying -

"Freddie told me one day he had a surprise for me - he said, ‘I’ve written a song about you - but it needs your touch on it!’ I think, curiously, we were both working on songs separately which referred to each other. Can’t remember which one of mine it was, since a lot of my songs were obliquely aimed at him (as well as to be sung by him!). Anyway. we got in the studio and he played this song. Now whether it was really about me I don’t know. But I thought it was fab. I know he wrote it in about 15 minutes!. As to why not on album (The Game) - well, Freddie deliberately wrote it as a B-side to fill a gap, so I imagine the album was already sewn up.”

Here are the lyrics:

God bless my soul, here he comes now
The man with the most, how does he do it, ha
Sure he’s got style
He’s so heavy
He’s a trip
He can do anything, anything, anything
He’s my soul brother

He’s my best friend
He’s my champion
And he will rock you, rock you, rock you
'Cos he's the saviour of the universe
He can make you keep yourself alive
Make you keep yourself alive
Oooh brother

'Cos he's somebody, somebody, you can love
He’s my soul brother

When you’re under pressure
Feeling under pressure (yeah), pressure (yeah), pressure
He won’t let you down
When you’re under pressure, oooh
Feeling under pressure, pressure
He won’t let you down
Soul brother won’t let you down
He won’t, he won’t, he won’t let you down
He can do anything, anything, anything
He’s my soul brother

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, oooh, oooh, oooh
Soul brother
Anything (soul brother), anything (soul brother), anything (soul brother)
He’s my soul brother, brother, brother, brother, brother

Anything (soul brother), anything (soul brother)
Anything (soul brother)
He’s my soul

Soul brother
He can do anything
He can do anything
'Cos he's
He’s my soul brother

The song was released as the B-side of Under Pressure.


Why is this so important to you? (6.22)

Sam’s mental strength (1/…) : Love. 

he is willing to go through all of those memories, no hesitation, no holding back, only to get back to his brother, to not leave Dean alone out there. he could’ve chose many other reasons, ‘I know this wont be real’, ‘I want to save the world' but he chose what was in his heart. the thing that gives him strength, his love for his brother.




John throws crown.

John gets frightened and runs behind the refuge of Freddie’s cape.


And guys, this was my first gif. I would like you all to recall the frustration and anxiety your first gif caused, and to sympathize accordingly.


OMG John running. So funny!

Omg I can’t stop laughing at the way John is running! Too funny!